About WIN

WIN - the Institute of Information Systems - is a joint initiative of the Chair of  Information Systems I, the Chair of Information Systems II, and the Chair of Information Systems III at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg. Located in Nuremberg, the institute is attached to the School of Business and Economics, but with close relationships to the chairs of informatics in Erlangen.

The main objectives of the Institute of Information Systems are:

  • To promote cooperation within the university and with other institutions, in Germany and globally

  • To strengthen interdisciplinary research and teaching.

  • To promote young researchers in the field of information systems

  • To disseminate research results to the scientific community and the interested public

  • To initiate research projects that attract outside funding.

  • To provide practice-oriented solutions to real-world problems based on sound research

The strength of information systems in Nuremberg is the global view on information systems from an economic perspective. The main foci of interest are Innovation and Value Creation (Chair of IS I), Service- and Process Management (Chair of IS II), and Technology and Project Management (Chair of IS III).

The collaboration of these three information system chairs enables various joint projects and publications (see e.g. open-I and 2nd tech). Through interaction with our business partners we can ensure that our research and teaching activities cover the complex social problems in the business world. Thus, we aim to establish long-term relationships with practitioners and welcome ongoing cooperation in research and teaching.

Currently the information systems chairs offer lectures and seminars for various Bachelor, as well as Master programs. In 2008, the first students started participating the Master of International Information Systems (ISS) MSc.. This Master program is jointly offered by the three information systems chairs. Currently the School of Business and Economics offers a bachelor of economics with the major in Information systems (Bachelor of Arts). In addition, since the winter term 2009/2010, the Institute of Information Systems offers an own bachelor program with the prospective degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, having a deeper focus on informatics and information systems. This program is jointly offered with the informatics chairs at the School of Engineering in Erlangen.